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Behind The Scenes of a Marriage Proposal

14 May 2020 –

When you think about it, a marriage proposal is organising a mini event. 

It involves careful coordination, creative ideas, styling mood boards, location sourcing, logistical planning, contingency planning, supplier sourcing, supplier briefing, run-sheet coordinating and onsite set up and pack down – wow. 

In order to pull off a proposal with a real “wow factor”, all the pieces need to marry-up (excuse the pun). This is why proposal planners are often called in, to help create the best proposals. 

Depending on the scale of a proposal, it can be months in the planning stages until the big day finally arrives. Nobody apart from the proposal planners and clients generally see the hard work that goes into pulling off the perfect proposal. The end-goal of all that coordination is to present our client’s partners with the surprise of their LIFE – a unique, picture perfect setting with romantic and personalised trimmings. That moment our client gets down on one knee is the moment it all leads to. 

So, what actually happens when “Yes Day” arrives?

Often our clients are with their partners on the proposal day, only contactable via secret text messages from a number saved in their phones as “Brian from accounting” or something inconspicuous like that. 

Photographer: Milad K Photography

Contact with the client is kept minimal as our team are busy working in the background to pull off their proposal dreams. The client has been briefed and they know what they need to do. 

A standard checklist for our staff at the beginning of the day includes:

  • pick up flower orders
  • prep all the flowers into arrangements
  • pick up catering orders
  • head to the storeroom and load the props in the van
  • arrive at the proposal location for set up with the team
  • put in place all final styling and romantic touches
  • test the music
  • coordinate suppliers on standby 

Once all of that has happened, we wait patiently for our client’s arrival – far away enough to not intrude but close enough to ensure a flock of tourists don’t appear out of nowhere to take photos of the beautiful setting. 

This is the most exciting moment of it all for a proposal planner – the countdown!

It doesn’t matter how many proposals we have seen (over 500!), we still get teary-eyed when our clients arrive to be blown away by the magic we have created for them. The moment our client gets on one knee and his partner says “YES” is the reason we do what we do!

Photographer: Kyle Ingram Photography

Once we know our clients are safe and engaged, we head off to give them their privacy, only to return when they have left to continue celebrating with their now fiancé. It’s time for pack up to commence and it’s another rewarding job well done.


Tania + Gloria

Tania and Gloria are proposal planners based in Sydney. With 13+ years in the making and over 500 successful marriage proposals and romantic dates later you know you’re in good hands with your once in a lifetime opportunity to propose to the love of your life. Think, the perfect fusion between creatively romantic, thoughtfully designed and smoothly delivered to the finest detail. We’re designers and producers and work with amazingly cool people that believe in the power of romantic experiences.

Are you ready to propose? 

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