If you love her put a ROCK on it

Here at my proposal co. we offer the unique service of a Personal Diamond Shopper to our clients. We thought we would ask Karolina from Rock Proposals to give us some insight on the 4 C’s and how you should go about that huge purchase.

Rock Proposals is your Personal Diamond Shopper. A private and exclusive service assisting clients (men in particular) when it comes time in finding the perfect rock. As a client you can expect a one-on-one experience and peace of mind knowing you have someone as passionate as Karolina assisting you throughout the entire process. She does all the hard work on your behalf: sourcing, negotiating, buying and designing all you need to do is pop the question. Committed in educating you as well, Rock Proposals doesn’t compromise on integrity ensuring every piece comes with an accredited certificate guaranteeing authenticity.

Karolina is confident that your lady will love her ROCK and you will have had a stress free and memorable experience like a win win situation without saying it so obviously. If you are interested in having a personal diamond shopper help you create that special ring, then let us know and we will introduce you to Karolina –  together you will ROCK your partners world.

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Words by Karolina – Rock Proposals

So you’ve been dating for a little while now and you’ve realised that you can’t imagine your life without your partner by your side. She starts to leave little hints around the place, slowly picture images from magazines are placed in your line of sight and before you know it she has you window shopping, on top of that the pressure is building and your parents keep asking. At that point you realise, yes “It’s time”.

So what next? The ROCK of course. Even though you have a collage of images by now, as you start shopping around you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by the never ending options, maybe a little confused about the information provided and after a little while longer everything starts to look the same. By this point you’re starting to stress out. With the expectation of making sure the diamond is perfect, you realise you don’t really know what exactly you’re looking for.

Finding the perfect stone can be just that – an overwhelming process for many men. There are so many things to consider when looking to make this investment. Not only is this a financial commitment but also an emotional one too.

Some important factors need to be considered when you first start looking and the most common are: The 4C’s – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. It’s most likely by now you’ve done a little google reading or have a brief understanding on each by now.

Let us tell you from experience that the C he is most likely to ask about is ‘Cost’ and the C she loves to know about is ‘Carat’ (ladies, we are all guilty of that). Each of these categories defiantly does influence price and quality. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have found yourself a beautiful diamond.

In our opinion, the most important C in many instances is sacrificed. She is our best friend known as CUT. Cut refers not to a diamond’s shape (e.g. round, oval, pear, etc.) but to a diamond’s proportions, symmetry & polish. The beauty and brilliance of a diamond depend more on cut than any of the above factors. Diamond cut has three primary effects on appearance: brilliance (the brightness created by the combination of all the white light reflections) fire (the dispersion of light into the colors of the visible spectrum, seen as flashes of color), and scintillation (the flashes of sparkle, when a diamond or light source is moved). We take pride in everything we source, we educate you so you understand what your buying and always advise and where possible to never sacrifice appearance for weight. A well-cut diamond is simply “stunning” due to its superior ability to create sparkle and brilliance.


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