The Proposal:

Michael surprised Mackenzie with a stunning glass gazebo proposal setting in a winery. It was decorated with beautiful blush pink and white flowers, candles, and a “Will You Marry Me?” sign. Michael engaged My Proposal Co. as his proposal planners to plan this stunning proposal, and a professional photographer was on site so their beautiful moment could be captured!

Photographer: Ged Goodwin Photography
How They Met:

In 2016, Michael was going to a baseball game with his younger sister, in a city fairly far out. He turned on his dating app, and in range was the most gorgeous woman he had ever laid eyes on. Instinctively, he swiped right, but not before texting his friends a screenshot of Mackenzie’s profile. He was begging the universe for her to swipe right on him too. For their first date, Michael drove forty-five minutes to pick her up, in a car lacking a/c in mid Texas summer.

He was making eye contact with bashful Mackenzie the whole time over lunch. She kept looking away from his bright blue eyes, but he knew that she wasn’t disinterested. He of course pursued her for a second date. The dates continued, until they were eventually a couple. Then, he chased her across the United States from Texas to New York, and even abroad to Spain when she was studying there. They did long distance until she finished university, and she then moved to Texas to be with him!

Photographer: Ged Goodwin Photography
How They Proposed:

It all started out on Christmas Day, when Michael surprised Mackenzie with an international trip to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. She was over the moon excited, as this was a dream vacation of hers! At first, she didn’t think much of the trip as they had talked about taking more vacations together, and they would be celebrating her birthday during the trip. On the day of the proposal, they had a lovely day of winery tours in Tamborine Mountain, and Michael said he wanted to visit one last one, Hampton Estates. She was a bit suspicious upon arrival, as according to their website, they were closed that day.

Michael assured her that it was fine, as he had made a reservation. Little did she know that the reservation would turn out to be the most beautiful glass gazebo proposal! They walked from their car around the back of the main building, towards the gazebo on the side of the mountain. Michael took her hand and walked her in. That’s when she noticed the white carpet aisle, candles, beautiful blush pink and white roses and a breathtaking arrangement with a sign that read “Will You Marry Me?”. That’s when it hit her, and Michael got down on one knee to ask her to marry him. It was the easiest YES she had ever said!

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