Are you ready to take the next step in your relationship? Do you find yourself ever wondering if he is thinking of proposing to you?  Does it seem like your partner has an upcoming engagement on his mind? There is a good chance he will be dropping some hints, whether they are intentional or not. Check out these 7 signs he’s going to propose.

1. He asks for your jewellery preferences

Your partner may have started asking you about your ring size or what your dream ring would look like. He might even be finding a way to show you photos to gage your reaction. Chances are he is trying to find the perfect ring for you. This is a big sign he’s that he is thinking about proposing soon! This may be a fantastic time to make a Pinterest board of your dream ring styles. Whether you want to be obvious or subtle, this is a great way for him to get some inspiration. This is a great way to ensure you get your perfect ring.

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2. Other people are asking you about jewellery

Maybe you have noticed someone close to you asking about the types of jewellery you like or your ring size. They might be asking you questions like “what does your dream proposal look like?”. Your significant other could be in cahoots with them to try and get an inside look into what you like. Your partner will be trying to get insight into your thoughts and feelings on all things proposals and rings. If this is the case, then an engagement is in your near future, and you can start preparing to be a fiancé!

3. He plans a holiday or romantic outing out of nowhere

Has your partner recently planned a romantic getaway or date night for they two of you out of the blue? Are usually the one to make the plans and bookings? Your partner may be trying to set up the perfect opportunity to ask you to marry him. Look out for any extra hints that he may give, like asking you to find a nice dress to wear or being secretive about where you are going!

4. Someone close to you asks you to get your nails done

Everyone knows you can’t be proposed to without the perfect manicure! If you have noticed that your partner or someone close to you has been insisting on you getting your nails done, this may be because a proposal is in your near future! A manicure is the perfect backdrop for a beautiful ring and makes for beautiful engagement photos to cherish for the rest of your lives together! Make sure you always say YES when your bestie or sister asks you to go to the nail salon with them.

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5. He starts asking you questions about the future

Has your partner suddenly become more interested on your thoughts on topics such as marriage, children, or maybe buying a house together? Maybe he comments on other married couples or brings up topics of what you will be doing tougher in the future. This is a sure-fire sign that your partner sees you as a part of their future.

6. He is spending more time with you

Maybe ‘boys nights’ are becoming less popular, or your significant other is focusing on valuing your time together and spending as much quality time together. This is a great sign that shows how much he cares about you, and as such, he may be ready to take the next step in your relationship and make you his wife! If you want to know if proposing is on his mind, this is one of the big signs to look out for.

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7. You have that ‘gut feeling’

Call it a woman’s intuition, but when you feel that gut feeling you are often right! Maybe you just have a feeling that he is planning something, or he has had his mind preoccupied by something else. Chances are your gut is telling you something big is about to happen for you!

After reading up on the seven signs he going to propose, have you have noticed your partner doing any of these things? If yes, chances are he may be thinking about proposing to you. Why not guide him in the right direction. Fill in our hint request form here and we can nudge your partner towards getting those proposal plans locked in so that you can become a fiancé ASAP! Or better yet, start mentioning “My Proposal Co.” around their phone and let the social media targeted ads start rolling in. You deserve the perfect proposal, so make sure you let your partner know that you want a proposal planner to help him pull off your dream proposal! We can’t wait to hear from them and see your reaction when you say, “YES!”.


Tania + Gloria

Tania and Gloria own one of Australia’s leading proposal planning services, My Proposal Co. With over 1,500 perfect marriage proposals and romantic dates under their belt, you know you’re in good hands. When it comes to proposal planning, they create the perfect fusion between genuinely romantic and thoughtfully designed events. My Proposal Co. have appeared across national and international media outlets as experts in all things romantic. We can’t wait to see more hint requests come through this year so we can help nudge some partner’s in the right direction!

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