We believe at My Proposal Co. that it is important to ensure our business operates in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

We will continue to incorporate a sustainable practice throughout the business wherever possible.

21 May 2021 – 


Operating in a sustainable manner has been an important part of My Proposal Co. since founding the business in 2014. 

We continuously:

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle by:
    • Running paperless offices
    • Recycling all waste at our events, where possible
    • Reusing all props; the props we do not need any more are either given to goodwill to be reused or sold for repurpose.
    • Reusing all of our florals and greenery for different events and once it can no longer be used, we dispose of the green waste as per government guidelines
    • All onsite material and waste to be brought back to the storeroom to be disposed of as per government guidelines
  • Strive to make sure all our devices are charged and then power points turned off to reduce electricity usage
  • Ensure our staff and clients do not litter onsite
  • Do not use fake flower petals in public parks and/or waterways
  • Use battery power where possible to keep energy consumption low
  • Use electronic conferencing to avoid any unnecessary travel
  • Offer employees the opportunity to work from home.


We hope that by actioning the above, we can actively be a part of: 

  • Achieving decent work and economic growth
  • Encouraging responsible consumption and production
  • Reducing our carbon footprint to help climate action