Best Places to Propose in the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is completely an underrated proposal location. With the most beautiful and enchanting scenery, the Blue Mountains is undeniably the perfect place to propose! See below the best places to propose in the Blue Mountains to surely give you some inspiration for your own engagement.

Outdoor Locations

1. Lookout

Create a meaningful and memorable proposal experience for your partner that they’ll never forget. Take your partner on an adventure day out in the Blue Mountains and finish the day off at one of the many beautiful lookouts the Blue Mountains has to offer for the perfect sunset proposal. This proposal location is perfect for an intimate picnic or photography only proposal because the scenery speaks for itself. You don’t need to go crazy over the top with a setting to achieve a beautiful proposal for your partner.


Photographer: Studio Barakat

2. Burramoko Ridge (Hanging Rock)

For those who want to combine hiking with a proposal, Hanging Rock is an epic Blue Mountains proposal location. This proposal spot is perfect for those who don’t want a setting, but still want the perfect background for your proposal photoshoot. Hike over 10km and pop the question to your unsuspecting partner with views of the incredible wilderness around you.

3. Botanic Gardens

If your partner is into that ethereal and magical aesthetic, the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden in Mount Tomah is a great location to propose. The gardens are a perfect fairytale location and when styled with a flawlessly created setting to compliment the spot, it makes for the ultimate dreamy proposal that your partner will love.


1. Love Cabins

If you are looking for a romantic and unique location to propose in the Blue Mountains, Love Cabins is a perfect choice! With different cabin styles to choose from, they double as an awesome accommodation and proposal spot. Book their Enchanted Cave or Treehouse for your next getaway! Imagine your partner’s reaction when you walk in and a beautiful proposal awaits them. It’s the ultimate surprise!


Photographer: Captured By Kirri

2. Fairmont Resort, Blue Mountains

Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains is an up-scale accommodation renowned for being the ultimate romantic getaway. This is perfect for those who want to treat their partners to an extra special experience. Tell your partner you have made dinner plans in the Embers Restaurant located onsite and instead, when you arrive for your booking, staff will escort you out to the ‘Jasmin Valley Green’ where your perfect picnic proposal will be waiting for you.


Photographer: Kyle Ingram

Private Venues

1. Wineries

For the more adventurous couples, this is the Blue Mountains proposal for you. Hop on a scenic helicopter flight with your partner till you land at a gorgeous winery for a tasting experience. Lead your partner into the vineyards for a romantic and intimate proposal or walk to a gorgeous picnic proposal where you can enjoy some delicious local food and beverage. So, have we started to convince you?

2. Chapel Hill Retreat

Chapel Hill Retreat is one of the best places to propose in the Blue Mountains especially if you are looking for something unique and private. The beautiful landscapes at this venue are like no other. With six different proposal spots to choose from, they each have their own flare meaning there’s something to suit everyones individual taste. This country-side venue has rustic vibes which when paired with a simple floral arbour backdrop would create a breathtaking whimsical proposal setting.


Photographer: X3 Productions

Now that you know what proposal locations the Blue Mountains has to offer, we hope you’ve been inspired for your very own Blue Mountains proposal! Enquire with us now to start planning!


Tania + Gloria

Tania and Gloria own one of Australia’s leading proposal planning services, My Proposal Co. With over 1,500 perfect marriage proposals and romantic dates under their belt, you know you’re in good hands. When it comes to proposal planning, they create the perfect fusion between genuinely romantic and thoughtfully designed events. My Proposal Co. have appeared across national and international media outlets as experts in all things romantic. These are our best places to propose in the Blue MountainsWe can’t wait to help you start planning!

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