The Proposal:

Carl surprised Tomoko with a gorgeous park proposal, decorated with stunning white and purple roses, a long white carpet, candles and a “Will You Marry Me?” sign on a white easel. He engaged My Proposal Co. as his proposal planners to help him set up the perfect proposal! A professional photographer was on site to capture their beautiful moment for them.

Photographer: Roxy Roux

How They Met:

One day, the girls at work were having a chat during their shift and their coworker Sally asked everyone which one of the boys at work what their ideal type was. Tomoko then looked and pointed at Carl, to which they made eye contact and she’s pretty sure he had overheard the entire conversation! So, several days later during their staff lunch, he sat down next to her and asked her out on a date! They decided to go to Barrenjoey Lighthouse in Palm Beach as neither of them had been there before.

Photographer: Roxy Roux

How They Proposed:

Carl told Tomoko he had plans for them to eat dinner with his family at Aria. They were about to leave for the city when he pretended he got a call from his younger brother, saying they were going to take photos beforehand at the jacaranda trees in McDougall St in Kirribilli. They arrived at the park and she started to wonder where his family was, because she couldn’t see them there. She could see the beautiful park proposal set up, realising someone was likely going to propose at the location.

All of a sudden, Carl started walking towards the proposal setting, asking Tomoko to join him. She didn’t want to ruin someone else’s proposal, and couldn’t believe it was all for her. She was completely caught off guard and hesitant to walk towards it, thinking it wasn’t for them. He turned to her and said, “look, they’re already taking photos of us”. They then walked to the centre of the long carpet where he began reading a speech he wrote, before getting down on one knee and asking her to marry him! He put the ring on the wrong hand at first, to which they both laughed. Several people came up to congratulate them, even a dog named Freddy came up to greet them and congratulate them!

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