Content Creation for Proposals

Are you up to date with current social media trends? Then you will know that content creation is now the rave! You know… those video reels that come up on your Instagram showing small snippets of someone’s wedding day or proposal edited together perfectly, matched with a trending song? That’s content creation! 
We are loving this trend and know that content creation for proposals will be a big hit in 2024. 

So, why should you have a content creator for your proposal?

1. Cost and Availability 

As we all know, the quality of phone cameras keeps getting better and better, so why not put them to use in the professional proposal industry? This is exactly what content creators are doing and they are usually more affordable than other videographers or photographers.  

Although professionally editing a video into a perfect reel or TikTok does acquire some skill and effort, many people in today’s era can do it. Meaning, more and more content creators are entering the proposal industry, giving you a wider choice and increased availability for your proposal plans. 

As peak wedding season and peak proposal season overlap, many of the best photographers and videographers have limited availability when you are looking to propose. Content creation for your proposal might be your saving grace! 

2. Authentic Content 

First seen popping up in the wedding industry, content creators are bringing a more authentic and relaxed vibe to capturing both the big and little moments of your special day. With the simplicity of capturing everything on a phone and not needing a large camera ready to shoot, content creators will capture the candid moments when you don’t even know it is happening.  

It’s moments like these that are so fun to look at with your family and friends when announcing your engagement! 


Photography: Studio Barakat

3. Quick Turn Around 

Sometimes waiting for your professional videography video or professional photos can be torture when you are so excited to look at them! Content creation for your proposal means you will have all raw footage and photos sent to you the next day. They will also provide a professionally edited Instagram Reel or TikTok video within 48 hours. Talk about efficiency!

When you want to share your special moment, just do it with a click of a button! 

4. Endless Ideas 

You could even have your creator capture your entire proposal day before you prop the question! Create an incredible fake story to tell you partner and have your content creator secretly follow you around all day while you are getting ready to head to your proposal location for the big moment. Then have them waiting at your post proposal party to capture the reaction of your loved ones. Your partner will absolutely love looking back on the whole day as a memory – the candid moments and all!

Don’t worry if you aren’t a fan of social media or you don’t have too much of an online presence… keep the video saved on your phone and always look back on it when you want to reminisce on the day. 


Photo: Tropica Weddings

What do you think?

We will always have a special place for professional photographers and videographers in our proposal hearts. So we would definitely recommend that you use a mix of both for your proposal. Leave the picture-perfect professional shots to the photographer while your content creator captures those authentic and intimate moments!

If you are looking to book in a content creator for your custom proposal, check out our content creation services for your upcoming proposal. 


Tania + Gloria

Tania and Gloria own one of Australia’s leading proposal planning services, My Proposal Co. With over 1,500 perfect marriage proposals and romantic dates under their belt, you know you’re in good hands. When it comes to proposal planning, they create the perfect fusion between genuinely romantic and thoughtfully designed events. My Proposal Co. have appeared across national and international media outlets as experts in all things romantic. We can’t wait to see the trend of content creation grow and continue to use this service in our custom proposals!

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