Canberra's Best Proposal Locations

Best Proposal Locations in Canberra

Are you are ready to pop the question in Canberra, but not quite sure where to do it? Canberra has so many beautiful locations that are perfect for a picturesque proposal. Whether you’re looking for something more private or if you’re more the outdoorsy type, we have something that will undeniably work for you. Check out Canberra’s best proposal locations below for your perfect proposal.


1. Rotundas

A beautiful rotunda in a gorgeous location certainly makes for an amazing proposal location. They suit couples that love being outside but still want some privacy for their proposal. Rotundas are charming structures mostly located in parks, reserves and beaches. They provide cover when potential rain or wind could occur on your proposal date, making them the perfect wet weather back up location. We know your proposal will already have you feeling overwhelmed, so this undercover location will you save your yourself from any additional stress on the day! Canberra’s best rotunda locations for a proposal are Glebe Park Rotunda and Yerrabi Pond Rotunda. Yerrabi Rotunda provides the perfect background if you’re after stunning water views!

2. Parks/Reserves

Are you an adventurous couple that loves an outdoor activity or scenic outing? Proposing in a beautiful park/reserve will be the way to go! Tell your partner you’re going for a walk or hike and instead, stumble upon a surprise picnic setting and propose! It’s the perfect fake story to ensure your partner is surprised. If this is your vibe, one of the best proposal locations in Canberra is the National Arboretum. It has 250 hectares worth of amazing gardens and forests. Whether you’re looking for a vantage point or a beautiful area in nature, there will be a spot for you! We also love the Regatta Point Precinct at Canberra and Region Visitors Centre. It’s the perfect backdrop with it’s stunning water feature, thus making for fun and playful proposal photos! This is a great option if you are visiting Canberra as your partner will not be suspicious, going to the visitors’ centre.


Photographer: Wenli Swanson Photography


There are so many gorgeous venues in Canberra and hiring them out exclusively ensures your proposal experience is personal and intimate. We have a few favourite hidden gems that feature some amazing architecture and therefore create a unique backdrop for your Canberra proposal. Undeniably, sometimes proposal settings can get lost in locations if the backdrops is too busy. We have an amazing top secret space that provides you with a blank canvas to create a beautiful proposal setting that stands out.

Check out our gorgeous client’s Alex + Nakisha’s recent proposal in a private venue in Canberra!


Photographer: Wenli Swanson Photography


Are you looking for a proposal location that offers something different to the rest? Canberra is home to some of the most unique proposal locations that are sure to provide you with an experience your partner will never forget.

1. Jamala Wildlife Lodge

If you and your partner are big animal lovers, we know the perfect proposal location in Canberra for you! Jamala Wildlife Lodge is made up of multiple different accommodation rooms that have glass windows showcasing their beautiful animals including giraffes, cheetahs, lions, tigers and evens sharks. Book the most epic vacation to treat your partner and engage a proposal planner to decorate your room so you can propose in serious style! The romantic touches added to your room is basically the cherry on top of an already amazing holiday experience.


Photographer: Maddie Manning Photography

2. Arts

If you partner is the creative type than we would highly recommend The National Gallery or the National Museum of Art for something special. Not only are the artworks beautiful, but the architecture of the buildings also makes for a perfect proposal backdrop. These venues offer a range of unique spaces that would make for an amazing location for a proposal setting. Both locations offer epic views as they feature floor to ceiling glass windows and water views!

My Proposal Co. is fortunate enough to plan proposals in a variety of Canberra’s beautiful locations every year, so we thought why not let you in on some of our favourites! We hope we have inspired you for your upcoming Canberra proposal and we would love to create an unforgettable proposal experience for you and your partner!

So, now you’re ready to pop the question and you know the best locations in Canberra. Let one of our expert proposal planners help you create your partner’s dream proposal that they’ll never forget!


Tania + Gloria

Tania and Gloria own one of Australia’s leading proposal planning services, My Proposal Co. With over 1,000 perfect marriage proposals and romantic dates under their belt, you know you’re in good hands. When it comes to proposal planning, they create the perfect fusion between genuinely romantic and thoughtfully designed events. My Proposal Co. have appeared across national and international media outlets as experts in all things romantic. We are obsessed with Canberra’s best proposal locations, and we can’t wait to see which one you pick!

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