Harbourside proposal

Parth + Priya’s Harbour-side Proposal

The Proposal:

Parth surprised Priya with a breathtaking harbour side proposal on a special trip away to Sydney. The setting included a long white carpet leading to a round arbour adorned with silk draping, greenery and a “Will You Marry Me?” sign, surrounded by white florals and candles. Parth engaged My Proposal Co. as his proposal planners to make sure everything went perfect on his special day. Additionally we helped him design the perfect proposal and setting, with a photographer there to capture the beautiful harbour proposal.

White florals
Photographer: Paul Golbach Photography
How They Met:

The tapestry of their journey began with them being schoolmates sharing the same bus rides, to navigating the corridors of university miles apart. This is where Parth and Priya’s story unfolded. Their paths were drawn back together during those cherished bus rides home, filling their lives with shared experiences and familiarity. Despite the distance, the two were united during semester breaks for heartwarming journeys back to their hometown. Nevertheless, conversations flowed effortlessly, and an undeniable connection blossomed!

Then came the pivotal moment, Parth’s birthday. An invitation to visit his city sparked a cascade of emotions for Priya. They explored new places, enjoyed movies, and savoured delectable meals while an unspoken tension lingered in the air. On the last day, Parth nervously revealed his feelings, proposing a journey beyond friendship in 2017. Effectively one step closer to their harbour proposal!

Sydney Harbour
Photography: Paul Golbach Photography
How They Proposed:

After both moving to Australia, Parth orchestrated a surprise trip to Sydney, disguised as a business meeting. On the third day of the trip, Parth whisked away Priya for an unexpected shopping spree… building the suspense. As the couple arrived at the mysterious location, Priya was left in awe of the breathtaking set up. Amidst the magic of the moment, Parth uttered the four life-altering words, “Will You Marry Me?”. So overwhelmed with joy and tears, Priya said “YES!” amazed by the extraordinary effort her partner invested to make this harbour-side proposal absolutely unforgettable.

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