Top Proposal Trends of 2024!

It’s that time of the year again where we tell you the top Proposal Trends for 2024! 

If you want to impress your partner with one of the best proposal trends, this is your inspiration. 

1. Pink!

Since Barbie reached our cinemas last year, the world has well and truly embraced everything pink! This trend has followed on to 2024 and has shown major influence on events, wedding styling, wedding outfits and of course proposals. This is perfect for the ladies (and men) out there who love fun pops of colour and want something more than the classic romantic red roses for their proposal. 

The best way you can embrace pink into your 2024 proposal plans are through pink florals. Join in the fun and show a pop of colour that will look stunning in all of your proposal photo! 


Photography: Studio Barakat

2. Minimalism

Don’t worry if you are not a fan of pink… 2024 proposals will also be full of neutral tones and minimalistic styling! We have seen this dominate interior design and wedding styling recently. It is now trending to even live a minimal lifestyle, with simple and neutral fashion choices and furniture. If your partner is part of this lifestyle trend and loves the thought of clean and crisp styling, then you have found the path you need to follow for your proposal setting!  

Some of the best ways to showcase minimalism in your proposal is through the choice of florals and props. Clean and crisp white florals paired with only a select few props like candles and rose petals is the perfect combination of minimalism whilst still remaining romantic. 

Pantone has announced the 2024 colour of the year: peach fuzza perfect minimalistic colour! A mild colour palette mixed with soft textures in a picnic or intimate table for two is sometimes all you need to impress your partner before popping the question. 


Photography: Studio Barakat

3. Experience Proposals 

Our favourite proposal trend thus far is a proposal with an EXPERIENCE! Gone are the days of just popping the question, getting a “YES!” and the night is over. It is a trend today to extend that romance over multiple days and experiences for you and your partner. Remember, this will most likely be the only time you are proposing, so why not lap up as much romance as you can and take advantage of the moment?

Some of the perfect ways to spoil your partner with a romantic experience around your proposal are booking a private chef to cook you dinner after your proposal or climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge together before making your way to the proposal location to pop the question. We have the perfect proposal packages for your proposal with our partners Chefin and BridgeClimb Sydney!

One of our favourites is having a romantic hotel staycation planned for the night or two nights after your proposal. It will keep you in your love bubble and you could even organise for roses and chocolates to be waiting in the room for you!

But wait, it doesn’t have to stop there… really create a memorable experience by reliving the romance once you are home with a memory book full of your proposal photos or sending your partner a special gift on your proposal anniversary!

Your partner will think that the proposal is the only surprise you have planned, so spoil them that bit extra and they will be head over heels for you.

4. Content Creators

Once of the newest proposal trends we have seen in 2024 is to have a content creator capture your proposal moment rather than a traditional photographer or videographer. We are sure that you have seen our Instagram and TikTok feeds flooded with content creators capturing raw and unique videos of a proposal or wedding day. This is perfect to look back on the day and experience it all over again! 

We love this trend and would definitely recommend having both a content creator and a professional proposal photographer to capture your proposal day!

5. Private Locations 

As one of Australia’s leading proposals planners, cities and famous landmarks are the most popular proposal locations our clients ask for. However, privacy and intimate spaces are becoming more and more sought after by couples on their proposal day. This has become trickier and tricker now that traveling is in full swing, and cities are full again – however, we have some of the best locations to give you! We have already seen a big trend this year for proposals in quaint gardens or on secluded beaches. This is perfect if your partner is that little bit shy or would prefer a really quiet atmosphere during their special moment. 

Photography: Studio Barakat

6. Rooftop Proposals 

One of our most favourite proposal trends for 2024 are rooftop proposals! Proposing on a rooftop is the perfect way to blow your partner away with a mix of STUNNING views and privacy. Most rooftops are available to hire privately for your proposal, meaning you can enjoy your love bubble with your partner. To have your professional proposal photos look extra epic, have your proposal just before sunset and you will capture those incredible coloured skies. Then once the sun sets, you will enjoy the city lights as your proposal backdrop!

Photography: Studio Barakat 

These are the top proposal trends that we cannot wait to see more of in 2024. Use these 2024 Proposal Trends as inspiration for planning your proposal and don’t worry, we are always here if you need some help along the way!



Tania + Gloria

Tania and Gloria own one of Australia’s leading proposal planning services, My Proposal Co. With over 1,500 perfect marriage proposals and romantic dates under their belt, you know you’re in good hands. When it comes to proposal planning, they create the perfect fusion between genuinely romantic and thoughtfully designed events. My Proposal Co. have appeared across national and international media outlets as experts in all things romantic. We can’t wait to see these top proposal trends take over in 2024 and would love to help you incorporate them into your own proposal!

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