So, you’ve locked in Tasmania as where you are going to propose, but aren’t quite sure on an exact location? Tasmania has so many beautiful and unique locations, there is undoubtedly something to suit everyone! Proposal spots in Tasmania range from picturesque nature locations all the way to unique private venues. Check out Tasmania’s best proposal locations below to give you some inspiration for your very own dream proposal.

Private Venues

If your partner has expressed they wouldn’t like a public proposal location, undeniably a private venue is the route to go. With many different types of private proposal locations you will be sure to find something that matches your partners vibe.

1. Wineries

If you and your partner are avid wine enthusiasts, proposing at a winery could just be the perfect location for you! Book a wine tasting tour and at the final venue, take your partner for a romantic stroll through the vines. You can pop the question in complete privacy! A vineyard proposal is perfect for a picnic where you can enjoy a delicious pairing of cheese and wine. You can even have a photographer hiding nearby so they can candidly capture the moment.

2. Private Retreats 

Private retreats are an amazing idea if you are looking for beautiful accommodation to stay at during your visit (or staycation) to Tasmania. They can double as a surprise proposal location. Most private retreats are located on large properties with picturesque natural scenery. Take your partner for a walk around the property and imagine their face when you stumble upon a surprise proposal setting. Think lots of gorgeous florals and a neon “Will You Marry Me?” sign.

Photographer: Nick H. Visuals

3. Airbnb

If you think your partner would prefer something more secluded, we suggest staying at an isolated Airbnb with unique architecture. Tasmania has so many beautiful options for you to pick from. One of our favourite proposal locations in Tasmania is a three-bedroom house located on the coast. The views and the aesthetic were unmatched! Imagine waking up with your partner, leading them out onto the balcony overlooking stunning landscapes and popping the question! If you wanted to have a surprise setting for your proposal, take your partner out for an adventure during the day and we can set up something beautiful for you to return to! Read up on our top proposal trends for 2024 here for some setting inspiration!


If you and your partner are the outdoorsy type, love hiking and nature, an outdoor proposal will suit you the best.

1. Cataract Gorge Reserve

The popular Cataract Gorge Reserve in Launceston Tasmania is one of the most well-known tourist attractions, and for good reason! This location is made up of 5km of forested river encased by an astounding 65-million-year-old gorge and looks completely insane… in a good way! This location is absolutely for the nature lovers. Pull off the ultimate surprise by hiking this incredible location and reaching a charming picnic at a vantage point.

2. Beach

If your partner prefers something more coastal, a beach will make a great proposal location in Tasmania. Especially for a sunset or golden hour proposal! Imagine finishing up a day of adventuring with a romantic walk on the beach. Lead your partner into a semi-circle of roses and candles in the sand! You’ll definitely get points for being romantic! Include a professional photographer to capture this magical moment. We helped a beautiful couple in 2022 who combined hiking and proposing at The Neck Lookout followed by a picnic on the beach at Bruny Island. We loved this idea for the couple to have an intimate post proposal celebration. It made for the perfect surprise and end to a day of exploring new places.

Photographer: Mauricio Mozo Photography

3. Southern Lights

Looking for something a little more dazzling? The Southern Lights, also known as Aurora Australis, is an incredible and ethereal light show and Tasmania is the best place in the world to see them! Although Aurora Australis is on smaller scale when compared to the infamous Northern Lights, they are equally spectacular! Treat your partner to a once in a lifetime trip to Tasmania and chase this celestial phenomenon. Imagine cosying up to your partner as you take in the breathtaking light show that the Aurora Australis is. Tell your partner you want to record this moment and set up your phone while they are distracted watching the lights. Once ready, get down on one knee and tell your partner to turn around as you pop the question! This Tasmania proposal idea is sure to blow your partner away and will be a memory they will cherish forever.

Photographer: Toby Schrapel

My Proposal Co. loves planning Tasmania proposals as the locations are just so beautiful. We can’t wait for more in 2024! After reading this we hope you are inspired for your very own Tasmania proposal. We would love to help you create an unforgettable experience for your partner!


Tania + Gloria

Tania and Gloria are proposal planners based in Sydney. We’re over 7 years old and over 1,000 successful marriage proposals and romantic dates later you know you’re in good hands with your once in a lifetime opportunity to propose to the love of your life. Think, the perfect fusion between creatively romantic, thoughtfully designed and smoothly delivered to the finest detail. We’re designers and producers and work with amazingly cool people that believe in the power of romantic experiences. We are so excited to create more unforgettable proposal experiences in these beautiful Tasmania locations in 2024!

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